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Funding information - A wounded landscape

£10,000 has already been spent on making the work up to this point, through self funding, donation and print sales.

A further £20,000 is needed to complete the work.

Stage 1 - initial research & 10 'trips' to photograph 60 locations – funded & completed.
Stage 2 - A further 15 ‘trips’ to photograph 100 locations.
Stage 3 - Final 5 ‘trips’ and full research and production.

This is made up of expenses and production only. 

Metro Imaging and Pixelrights in London are collaborating with me throughout the 3 to 4 years it is going to take me to make the work.

The making of the work is generously being funded through donations and sponsorship and I am approaching institutions for the bulk of the funding. I have also set up the 'donate & prints' page on the website. I am making prints from the working archive that can be bought with all profits going straight into making the work.

Each and every donation pays towards, a night in a motel, a tank of petrol, a flight, etc, etc.

Either way, your help towards making 'A wounded landscape' is incredibly generous and if you allow, I would love to be able to add your name to the 'donor' list.

If you are interested in sponsoring the work or making larger donations towards the funding please do contact me directly.